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Update 0.6.1 Beta

OxidatedSkills & OxidatedCore Plugins have been fully implemented.

  • Rewrote entirety of plugins
  • Added Jewelry System
  • Added Character System
  • Removed Lumber Bag, Ore Bag, Ingot Bag, and Currency Bags
  • Added one Character Button that has everything in one place.
  • New UI
  • Added Easier Addition of skills
  • Reworked XP system
  • Reset everyone's levels back to lvl 1.

Update 0.5 Beta

- Shops
Shops have been added, this allows the player to sell their items they have harvested across the resource world, and buy food with their coin.

- Optifine
Optifine is now recommended when playing on the server, we have added custom armor items to the game which can only be seen when using optifine. Download link will be after the news update.

- Resource World Update The resource world is now complete, we have worked tirelessly on this map to get to you. There are 3 areas in which you may find yourself on this map, the lush green forests which are occupied by goblins and ogres in their encampments, the cold mountains, occupied by ice trolls and lost souls, and the desert.