Update 0.6 Beta

Farming and Gathering skills have been added! Farming is a very fun skill in the fact that it's the first Kingdoms world skill. There are many benefits to it such as: Farming your own food, and growing trees and being able to harvest items from it, whereas any other tree you harvest drops nothing! The Gathering skill is a parent skill to all skills which when leveled up may produce passive effects!

Bug Fixes  
Many bug fixes have taken place, such as the bag bug which made it so you had to empty the bag to start harvesting again, well that bug is no more. Many quality of life upgrades have been added to make gameplay smoother as well.

Server Moved!  
We are now on a VPS server that has plenty of RAM for the server, no one at all other than those with high ping should see any sort of latency issues. We are looking forward to seeing what is to come in terms of another game to add to the network.

Update 0.5 Beta

Shops have been added, this allows the player to sell their items they have harvested across the resource world, and buy food with their coin.

Optifine is now recommended when playing on the server, we have added custom armor items to the game which can only be seen when using optifine. Download link will be after the news update.

Resource World Update  
The resource world is now complete, we have worked tirelessly on this map to get to you. There are 3 areas in which you may find yourself on this map, the lush green forests which are occupied by goblins and ogres in their encampments, the cold mountains, occupied by ice trolls and lost souls, and the desert.


Java JDK SE Platform Dowload

Forge Download

Optifine Dowload

Resource Pack Dowload

Instructions for Optifine

  1. Run forge installer (Using Java OpenJDK Platform Binary)
  2. Install Forge using the installer prompt
  3. Open Minecraft Launcher when done
  4. Select Forge Profile in "Profiles"
  5. Run Minecraft with Forge Profile
  6. When Minecraft loads fully, close the game
  7. (Assuming you're on a windows machine) Open file explorer and go to %appdata% ../ .minecraft ../mods then drop the optifine jar into that folder.
  8. Open up Minecraft Launcher and run game

Update 0.4 Beta

Smithing Skill  
Smithing skill has been added, craft amazing new weapons using the custom new ores we have added, upgrade your weapons, and gain experience by forging all the new ingots!

The website has been going through major improvements and maintenance. Many new features to come, including kingdom management, resource management, and even kingdom player to player communication!

Custom Resource World  
We are currently in the works of creating the resource world for the server, this is currently being done by xnickx who has been working tirelessly on the map to get this content to you.

Update 0.3 Beta

Auction Houses  
Auction houses have been added, the future implementation of these will be location based, if you travel city to city that has one, the items and auctions will be different. So find a popular city and list your items for sale! Note: There is a limited amount of space for auction offers.

Resource Gathering  
Resource Gathering on this server will be done in the resource world, this is where you can gather resources to bring back to our Kingdom world which you can build your kingdom, donate resources for the betterment of your kingdom or craft and level up many skills we have to offer with our custom plugins.

Kingdoms has been added, create a kingdom, build it up, create alliances, raid other kingdoms for their loot, and be the best there is on the server.